Our online catalogue raisonné of Philip Guston’s paintings depends upon two key components: information and functionality. We want to express our deepest gratitude to those who have spearheaded these components throughout the past several years.

This website and its supporting database were fully conceived from the vision and efforts of several individuals deserving of particular praise. Jonathan Kadish is the developer and mastermind responsible for our unique, dedicated database and web application, fully customized for our specific needs. Jonathan’s proficiency and expertise have ultimately made this catalogue raisonné and website project possible and we are continually grateful for his efforts. Programmers Karuna Murti, Heng Sokhom and Yuvasoft Solution Pvt. worked with Jonathan to bring the catalogue and website into full functionality. David Kadish offered skillful programming essential for maintaining the accuracy of decades of previously archived data and for the project at large.

David and Renee McKee, whose gallery represented Guston’s work over more than four decades, have provided a tremendous amount of information, images, expertise and general assistance to us during this ambitious venture. Without their generosity, support and participation, the completion of this catalogue raisonné would not have been possible. McKee Gallery staff members who also provided invaluable assistance are Kara Lenkeit, Aimee Lusty, Brea Souders, Karyn Behnke, and Mollie Echevarria.

Additionally, The Guston Foundation would like to give special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions and encouragement: Dina Helal, Alekz Pacheco, Magnus Erhardt, Jeanette Vuocolo, Isabelle Dow, Katharine Wright, Karen Broderick, Lauren Alecca, Emily Hilliard, and Damien Saatdijan. Clark Coolidge, Susan Coolidge, Luis Laplace, Amelia Redgrift, Barbara Sproul, Lucas Mayer and Peter Jones have all offered valuable advice and support for our efforts.

For their encouragement and assistance, we particularly appreciate Iwan Wirth, Manuela Wirth and Marc Payot,who have expertly represented the Estate of Philip Guston since 2015. The entire team at Hauser & Wirth has contributed to this effort, especially Michaela Unterdörfer, Cristopher Canizares, Barbara Corti, Yuta Nakajima, Timo Kappeller, Carl Johns, Lauren Murphy, Pete Watts, Florian Berktold, James Koch, Laura Bechter, Vanessa Guo, Fiona Römer, Neil Wenman, Aileen Corkery, Eugenie York, Stefano Rabolli Pansera, and Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin. We want to single out the unwavering commitment of Anders Bergstrom and Emily Rothrum, the two members of the Hauser & Wirth staff who have worked most closely with The Guston Foundation. 

Cooperation and support from private collectors, museums, art dealers, researchers and other institutions have been and will continue to be instrumental to the conception and accuracy of this catalogue. We acknowledge their contributions with deep gratitude.

This website and catalogue raisonné would never have been possible without the dedication of the entire Guston Foundation staff. For years prior to our online development, our archivist, Emily Jones, laid a firm foundation by maintaining and supplementing our database and archives. Her thoroughness and reliability have been essential to the completion of this massive project and to ensuring its ongoing authenticity. Our image and photography expert, Keldon Polacco, has carefully organized, scanned, color corrected and edited the thousands of images used for this website and catalogue raisonné. Without his dedication to detail and accuracy we would not have nearly as realistic and visually appealing material as we do. In charge of managing many special projects, Kim Herald-Shufeldt has brought her versatile skill set to the Foundation. Finally, as Assistant to the Executive Director, Natalie Donohue has provided invaluable administrative support during the entire process by ensuring that everything flows and progresses smoothly. Her ability to conduct complex duties and to be resourceful and efficient has proven to be a key factor in bringing all of our work together.

Sally Radic

Executive Director

Musa Mayer